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Shawn Ice is a young & upcoming Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist with a flare for word play & the ability to paint a vivid picture for the audience through the music to present both the young & the old with a very personal & intimate reggae experience. shawn Ice was born in St. Mary, Jamaica. Music came natural to him in his environment from a very early age and by age fourteen Shawn was already molding a professional image for himself. after high school, Shawn moved to Kingston in an effort to further pursue his love for the music. Being in Kingston exposed Ice to a more developed and organized side of the music. Shawn was able to create several lasting relationships in the budding dancehall movement and also managed to further his growth and development as an artiste.
Shawn then immigrated to the U.S.A at age twenty and continued networking and recording. Shawn Ice has grown his fan base and sees his following grow with each passing day
Watch out for more from the rising young reggae dancehall star, as Shawn Ice is currently in the studios working on plenty of new material for your listening pleasure. Follow Shawn Ice @direal_ice on instagram or Shawn Ice music on facebook.

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